Reddit casual sex aussie hookers

reddit casual sex aussie hookers

It's not a clone. It basically works by having a login to an instance. There are videos, links images and sounds. It's federalized, but it can also be localized. Like there can be one or fifty for San Diego, another 20 for Los Angeles. Or to you could like get together with a mini group and just toot to them all day. No one else in the middle do long as you can have one of your friends leave his computer turned on all day for this Anyway, there go Google these two things and see if you can use them.

It is a bummer to loose CL, had a lot of good times through it. I am in MI, my best alternative so far has been local classifieds like classopia. We are currently working on pvssy. Everything had to be pre selected questions and answers to comply with the new laws in the US.

Anyway the website is still under construction but we are making progress daily. If you like it please post and spread the word. Less than a minute. The funny part is Facebook and Twitter are both in violation of sesta. There are literally ten of thousands of escort ads all over both websites.

The moral of my story is be careful with a molestation victim who engages in incest with her 3 brothers. Maybe the bipolar and skitzo was caused by that. Now please tell me your opinion! Fetlife is more like Facebook of sex, not really a POF for sex. Fetlife is really confusing, poorly designed, and they do a horrendous job at a personals section. Not really about hooking up with people. And there's a much wider acceptance of various non-monogamous configurations and understandings.

Not that I approve, but it sure as hell is popular! All of that makes it a great place to find sex partners. If you are willing to meet up with someone in a semi-public place and get to know them in person.

Very very poor substitute, but it covers many of the same areas of interest potentially. Definitely more social network than it is dating network and it's set up that way. It's only the US where the personals are gone. Pick a city and just start posting, others will follow along. Canada's personal section is now gone as well.

Craigslist deleted the personals sections for all countries now. Side effect of their servers being in California I imagine. Personal ads are gone worldwide on CL. Their lawyers are probably telling them that ads in Asia or Africa open them to prosecution because the US law is written so broadly. We could, but then it would infringe on Canadians looking for a good time.

And good luck letting everyone in California know to look in the same section. Give it time to fix issues and for others to migrate over. Unfortunately, backpage is also closed. I think the best option could be Casualx: I hope Craigslist can be back soon. Might as well just use Tinder or POF.

At least you can do more than flip through pictures and profiles for free with those. I tried many posts on doublelist as alternative of craigslist, they never approved my ads. Maybe they are approving their personal post ads only. I got the same bullshit. Takes like to review then it says it was removed for violating guidelines. I see folks straught up nudes and talk about drug use in slang terms but my simple text based ads get removed.

I dont get ir either. Moreover the ads are moderated someone checks that users and ads are not fake so the most of the ads are real. I call 'BS' on your 'not fake' statement. I just looked at their Casual Encounters area, W4M, and nearly all of the 'women' there are 'bots or pros.

Those that I looked up all had area codes that didn't match the STATE that the purported post was from, so they're 'bots or pros that are out of town on 'the circuit'. After the CL personals section is closed, I tried to find some other sites to replace it. I found out that the CasualX app and the doublelist. You may try it. And the another craiglist site backpage. Be always careful when using such free ad post sites. It all about the content. Hopefully well see something with an active user base fill the hole soon.

Like CL this one is free to post and read - not a scam site like most the others. Just looks like it needs more people to start using it. For past few months, since I am using few of those sites I can see rapid growing of posted ads in personal sections: That means that people slowly "switching" from CL to other sites It's new so doesn't have ads in most areas, but if you want to see it become what cl used to be, go post an ad to get it started!

That's gonna be one socially exhausted poster! This closing of Craigslist personals is a victory to all the good people that got backstabbed by their significant other with their help.

Guess you should have treated her better, or let her explore her deviant side. Now the rest of us deviants in happy, successful relationships get to suffer. You just keep telling yourself that.

One day karma will pay you a visit. By sounds of it you clearly cheat. Open mind seams to mean open legs to a lot of people now a days. I hope she got what she needed since you apparently make it all about you. Maybe your next lover can teach you how to please them and be less selfish? I don't think that's fair to him. While I don't agree with his original post since cl is just a tool to meet people and there are MANY others that accomplish the same goal.

If she wanted to cheat, she would have cheated whether Craigslist was there or not. But to say that it is all his fault essentially and completely ignoring the fact that he PROBABLY didn't know that is wife was messing around behind his back is disingenuous.

Imagine if a girl was cheated on and some dude said "oh you should have treated your man better and been better at pleasing him. Lol she was gonna cheat no matter what. They cheat because they are unhappy in their marriage.

Not cuz horny dudes are easy to find online. Yeah and me and my wife use it to have fun. We've met other married couples that want the same thing we do and we have a lot of fun on the site.

So no, it's not all cheaters and you have zero grounds for a lawsuit. If you want a site that you can just hookup with girls or guys on, then try intimatepersonals.

Doublelist is useless it's just a straight copy of craigslist, while intimatepersonals. It's beginning to look a lot like CL. There are many best alternatives to Craigslist available. Some of the best ones are Oodle, Trovit, Hoobly, etc. You can find some best alternatives here: Of the 3 you listed, only Oodle has 'personals', and your weblink for more information is similarly devoid of any useful info; it's all "sell my stuff" sites.

I guess you didn't understand the title of this thread. Perusing the ads, MegaFriends appears to have real women, the other 2 sites are all 'bots or sex workers.

Women looking for guys 25 to 75 years old is a sure sign of a Pro. Phone numbers on pix needs no further investigation. Your ugly and need prostitution. The fact of the matter is there all molestation victims and your all pretty sorry with no game.

I tried my best to fix one and that was my result. Even though I help ed her become an RN that is. So think about that now. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Filter posts by subject: Please use spoiler tags to hide spoilers.

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Senator Paul and senator Wyden voted no. Their point was that Republicans priorities seem to be fucked, which this shows. Soo what exactly was the point of your rebuttal? So I don't think I'll be taking your advice on gun control thank you very much. Kowtowing satanists run the USA.

Killing people is illegal, and now, those websites are illegal. I'd like to go on a hike! I need a job. I need to move! Where to find a share house to rent? Looking for casual sex in Melbourne self. I'm finding it quite difficult to meet women for casual sex and I'm curious to find out if anyone out there in Melbourne has any advice or tips. I'm on Tinder but it's a bit shit let's be honest, and it seems more and more women are using it as a dating service rather than casual hook ups.

I'm not looking to date, just someone who wants a good fuck and maybe a glass of wine before and after. I've seen all kinds of posts on here about just going out and meeting people etc, but I don't really want to go out to a bar and pick up, it's expensive, time consuming, and I hate clubs.

Is there a better app than Tinder for casual sex? Is there a specific bar or something I can go to where the patrons are generally there to pick up quickly? If you can't get a cheeky shag in Melbourne in there's something going very wrong.

Go out, be sociable, be interesting and interested and you'll be fine. I've got a head like a smashed crab and the body of an emaciated welsh coal miner but I never had any problems. I think you're doing something wrong.

I think it's probably the fact that I don't actually want to go out and do the socialising part. I thought tinder was meant to fill that niche but apparently not. Thanks though I'll have to suck it up and go out this weekend. Why won't people just come and have sex with me without any effort? What on earth is wrong with the people here? Yeah, how dare Tinder not provide the endless stream of willing women that it promises. I was hoping for something more like casual sex hook ups rather than just hookers but thanks anyway.

You don't want to socialise, talk to or otherwise treat with the women you have sex with like valued people. Women generally don't need to use the internet to meet someone to have sex with. They can either have sex with someone they know or go to a bar, so they can know what they're getting beforehand.

So do women you already know want to have sex with you? If not, are you capable of meeting some women in the real world who might want to have sex with you?

If not, you're out of luck. Are you incredibly good looking and captivating or something to justify being so picky? How the hell do you expect women to want to sleep with you if you can't provide anything to make it worthwhile for them? Well you're shit outta luck there, mate - although I hear that there's some sex clubs for singles out there but they're hard to get into If I recall correctly there was one which required a special way of ordering something from Veggie Bar on Brunswick St which has been mentioned in this sub a few times.

This is the thing that made get a reddit account just so I could ask. My mate told me about it and I thought he was full of shit. The best coinidence just happened - just got asked where veggie bar is while waiting for a tram


Girl in the projects who had fucked up teeth and a disgusting apartment. I don't know why I stayed. She started bleeding from her mouth mid-blowjob. One of my lowest points in life. Since then I've avoided ghetto areas and obviously fucked up girls, even if I have to spend more. No, but I make sure to check no one else is in the room, or hiding in the bathroom. One time I did notice two cop cars parked in the hotel's parking lot, called it off while notifying the girl, and read later the place was a prostitution trap.

I don't ever want to see a train of thought go from having Sex to Hobbits this fast ever again. I believe I have an addiction, but not necessarily to sex. I am currently single. I can't think of a time when I will ever need to prove that I bought a mouth bleeding blowjob. Don't even act like I didn't get that bleeding mouth blowjob, I got the documentation right here!

Oh yeah, you definitely have an addiction my friend. And plenty of great, inexpensive beer that you'll forget she's was probably sold into sex slavery after suffering in the rape camps of the war in Kosovo as a barely pubescent kid!

Never had any health issues. I get tested every 6 months or so. I am not ugly, not fat. Yeah, i'd say there's regrets, especially when I think of the time and money I've wasted. That's roughly how much I spent on tail in After that I gave it up and tried the relationship route.

My advice to you, its cheaper with the whores. I split the bills with my GF, so in the end with internet, rent, gas, etc. Yeah I'm about k in the hole taking care of the wife, ex-wife and four kids. Prostitution would have saved me a fortune. Melbourne, Australia or Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona, they make you feel like a king. Something very special also about having a complete experience start to finish without a single word understood by either party was at a brothel, so the madame understood English, but most of the girls did not.

Some smoke pot, some do cocaine. I have done both when offered. One girl who gave me coke during the session turned out to be a minor porn star, and gave me a dvd of her masturbating.

I did too much and was terrified of bein pulled over the entire drive back. Do you plan on telling your significant other about it when you eventually get into a long term relationship?

I'm a female who recently had this secret confessed to me. It definitely wasn't first date conversation material, and didn't come up until several years later. By that point, he had become my best friend, so there really isn't much he could say that would make me judge him negatively. I even understand why he had kept it a secret for so long. Afterwards, I wasn't upset because he'd slept with prostitutes, spent so much money on them, or even that he'd kept such a big secret from me.

In a way, I feel closer to him now knowing that he trusts me well enough to share that part of his past with me. I imagine that's the type of secret that becomes hell keeping to yourself. I hope that one day you'll find someone that you're able to trust enough that you'll be able to share it with them. The only thing that did bother me about the secret was that he had excluded certain things from his sexual history that he'd done, so there were things we did that I thought I was the first he'd done with.

That led me to put an emotional value on those moments, only to find out that they weren't nearly as significant for him as they were for me. That would be the only thing I could offer as advice as what not to do. You can tell your significant other that you've had anal sex before, without having to tell her it was with a prostitute. I have had unprotected sex one time during a session and immediately regretted it and got tested many times after.

I do prefer blowjobs without condoms, though, because what's the point? Always find then through online postings, then follow up with e-mail or phone. You said in one response that you think you are addicted, but no necessarily to sex. What I noticed is that I had great fun and good times while doing it, my "real" life was normal, friends etc no girlfriend - but I was also in the back of my head thinking that "one day I would somehow pay for this, there is no way you can do something like this and it won't change you".

What it has done is that I am now still often falling back into the same train of thoughts. I haven't seen one in years and years, and I probably never will. I am in a happy relationship and live a normal life. But what I miss about the time back then was the power you had over the women. Not in a violent way, but just being in control, saying what you want and getting it when you want. I think for me that is something that I sometimes miss, it was about power and that is a very sexual thing , not about sex per se.

I don't think it ever is about sex per se, sex means many things and hence I would recommend thinking about it like that.

I know you might not feel particularly bad about what is going on in your life right now, and I am not saying you should. If you are not hurting anybody you are doing okay. But you will somehow react to this, my wording was "pay for it", if you prefer a more neutral stance: It will affect you and change you And I sometimes regret having opened that door, because it can't be closed again - now the option is always there, because I know what it is like.

But I can't take the option anymore, I don't want to take it, I don't want the life that it will allow me to live. I wan't to be with my partner and girlfriend.

The longer I don't use the option the less I think about it and one day it probably will be completely irrelevant. But even by just doing it times, years ago, within a 12month period I feel it gave me an option that I otherwise would never have considered, and this option is dangerous.

It is what you call the addiction. This is a fantastic response, and applies to more than just buying sex. I think we would all like to believe that the "diet of the mind" has no consequences. I don't have many odd requests. Many girls won't perform even mundane acts.

I've had a girl refuse doggy style because she was afraid of clients taking off the condom without her knowing. Ok - then what's the oddest thing you've been offered? One girl showed me how she could smoke a cigarette with her pussy. Most unique is still the squirter, though, I have yet to meet another.

There are two types of women; those who can queef on demand, and those which haven't been show how to, by their friend that can queef on demand. Going down on a prostitute sounds I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that made this face after reading your comment. Do you keep a map updated? Are the prostitutes the only reason you have travelled to these countries? Are you aiming to travel to every single country? How often do you have sex with prostitutes? Have not hit Asia or South America yet, so maybe not quite across the world.

I used to do this a lot, but nowadays only every few months. While backpacking in Singapore in the early nineties, i met an american man maybe 45 years old that was doing a Prostitute Round the world trip, going for local ethnic women in each country he was passing through.

He said he had been to 35 countries so far and had only not have paid sex in one country, Fiji: Oldest was probably around 50? But she stopped me after the blowjob and gave me half my money back and said she really wasn't comfortable because I looked so young. Youngest I don't know, a lot claim to be , but doubt that's true for even half of that say that. I have had 5 sexual relations with non-sex workers.

I have never dated any non-sex worker for longer than a month. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "Pros".. OKC is actually a nice alternative to Craigs. Since you have to make a profile, post a photo and answer questions there's a sense of security that I don't think you get with CL.

Might be a false sense but still seems better. Either way, I found someone I hooked up with and found someone I wanted to actually date.

Give it a shot! It was m4m, and was okay. We had our fun. Outside of that one instance, I've tried numerous times but CL seriously seems to be more bots than anything these days. As a guy, your best bet is to post your own ad, as very few w4m ads are actually from real women. Non-face pics is a good idea. Once you have your ad written, re-write it with completely different wording. Then write a third. The important thing is decent spelling and grammar and sounding intelligent, normal and sane.

Now post your first ad first thing in the morning. Wait until the afternoon, then post your second. In the evening, post your third. There's a shit load of ads being posted and you want yours near the top. Every 48 hrs Cl allows you to "renew" the ad and bump it to the top.

I've had a couple of fun encounters from CL, plus my current girlfriend who I've been seeing for 8 months and I'm hopelessly in love with. There's lots of real women reading CE, the trick is to stand out from the crowd. I did it once. He didn't want to switch from missionary and he didn't try to get me off at all.

I hated it and I was mad at myself. What a waste of a good night. Some of mine have been like that as well! One guy even got us a motel room and busted in 3 minutes and said he was done Experiences like that definitely spoil the fun of it.

If you're having no strings attached sex, why not take the opportunity to be really open about what you want? Or were you and he was just really bad? We talked for about a week before meeting up. He was just really bad. He was all about being attentive and then wasn't.

That happened to me as well! We had a whole night planned out with a room and sleep over and all That was definitely one of my most disappointing sexual experiences ever. I have thought about posting my own ad.

My friend did that And she says the sex was mind blowing. I guess for the most part it is just hit or miss. In general the sex has actually been a lot better when I responded to ads, but I've had great sex from guys who've responded to me as well. But like you said it's definitely hit or miss. One time when I made an ad I had a guy marine who responded to me and we got along really well and were super attracted to each other.

We had time conflicts traveling so we talked for a month before meeting up in person. Our chemistry was off the fucking wall, we didn't end up having sex but even just fooling around I could tell he would've been great in bed.

He has since deployed and will be gone for 2 years. But that's very difficult to find that type of chemistry so don't rely on craigslist to find an attraction that strong. Although for another example, I made an ad today and I couldn't have sex with the guy today time didn't permit , he drove to my house and I went outside to give him a blowjob in his car. He was pretty satisfied and hopefully he'll hit me up soon for sex.

He was pretty hot and smelled good despite just coming back from the gym LOL. Lots and lots of fake posts but I did get responses from real women, from there I met up with the most attractive one. She had a huge cum fetish and I was really horny at the time so yea It was pretty fun, she basically had me visit her office after hours and then gave me 2 blowjobs and swallowed all my cum while playing with herself to get off.

It was my first time being with someone so enthusiastic about oral and really good at it and my first time being deepthroated or titfucked by a woman with large breasts. Yeah plenty of times, but it's very hit and miss. Most of the guys I've met were kinda meh, but three guys in particular were amazing. All were marines and really great fucks. You're definitely going to meet some sketchy people on there, so use protection even if they say they're clean.

Also very dishonest people as well, one of the guys I was with was married with a newborn and I have no idea how he got "permission" to stay the night in a hotel with me. Also you'll encounter a lot of fake people on there who will lead you on and flake on you.

If anything ask for their kik and ask them to take pictures on the Camera app, so you know they're not using fake photos. Or use an app like Skout or Tinder. For a male i found it to be all pro's or scams. I posted an ad for NSA sex.

I received over replies. Most were just cock pics, with a message that read, "hey, baby" and that was the extent of the communication. Only about 10 of them complied with my request to put their favorite drink in the subject line.

One hour after I posted I had received one death threat and three different messages calling me names for not responding. I chose a guy who wrote a real message.

There was punctuation in it! My hope had been to find a hook-up for that weekend, but after many creepy messages, I slowed down. I chose a guy who had made me laugh. We talked for about a week everyday and then met for coffee.

He was hot and funny and it was on! We would meet up randomly, whenever we could manage. Mediocre conversation, but I wasn't shopping for conversation. As a female, it was a bit scary. A lesson in caution, I think. I have since searched a couple of times on Craigslist for NSA sex. Once I was stood up by the same guy three times. The other time was much like my first experience: For women it's really easy. You have a shit ton of guys send you responses Sometimes I have the same really ugly dudes try to respond to my ad at different times and it's kind of infuriating.

Some also will just do it for the sake of trolling if you post your ad with photos or have too many specific requirements. I didn't believe the latter part at first but after having people reply to my e-mails and tell me I'm "fake" or a "whore" or "flagging just for laughs", it happens a lot more. It's pretty discouraging for real women who want to use craigslist. Also forgot to mention about another guy who I met who was an incredible find on craigslist.

I was working in Hong Kong and this guy was an Australian expat who was a few years older than me. We both met with no expectations of anything happening and we got along very well throughout our drinks so we ended up back at his place and had a very hot and passionate night of incredible sex.

He was cute and average, but man was he great at sex! I'm a girl, started to post ads on CL a couple of month back new year, new adventures yea? Did not know what got into me and did not know where I found the courage to post such thing. Was brought up and hang out within a semi-conservative community, so essentially casual hook up is frowned upon.


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This closing of Craigslist personals is a victory to all the good people that got backstabbed by their significant other with their help. I don't think that is a normal way of talking about people. When I reported it to the police they were very polite and cooperative. As a female, it was a bit scary. You will acheive nothing besides making yourself feel like crap. Reddit casual sex aussie hookers