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Gilbert, 24, went missing in May , sparking a far-reaching investigation that gripped public interest for months. She worked as an escort over Craigslist, and had disappeared after meeting a client in Oak Beach, Long Island at about 2 a. Her driver described her as "delirious" and "irrational" on the day of her disappearance, and said she had a history of cocaine abuse and suffered from bipolar disorder.

Four women's bodies were found on the south shore of Long Island in December , and though all of them were believed to be murdered escorts, none of them belonged to Gilbert, prolonging the investigation and the heartbreak of Gilbert's friends and family.

The search and mystery as to whether Gilbert was dead or alive came to a close a year later when Gilbert's remains were identified in December It is not known who killed her or the other four women whose remains were uncovered, though the cases are believed to all be related. Looks like they found her Au contraire, I'm not the one that "watched a two hour show on this last night. I watched a two hour show on this last night.

Remains, clothing found in Long Island marsh during search for Shannan Gilbert: Divers found the remains in knee-deep water in the marsh in Oak Beach, sources told the station. The Suffolk County police, however, dispute that remains were found and says only that items that may be tied to the case were found, the report says. Gilbert, of Jersey City, was last seen running from a home in Oak Beach in May in the area investigators are searching. Her disappearance prompted a previous search of the nearby Gilgo beach area that ultimately resulted in the discovery of at least 10 sets of remains, but investigators have said they do not believe Gilbert's case is related to those.

The New York Post reports that two NYPD police officers are under suspicion in connection with the case, in which up to 13 prostitutes have been murdered in Long Island and Atlantic city.

Parts of their bodies have been found along a secluded section of Long Island beach over the past several months. Top L to R: Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello Criminologists had said it was possible the killer or killers worked in law enforcement, or at least was familiar with police procedures.

Recent estimates have put the number of alleged killers at two to four. The New York Post reports that one of the officers being looked at by Suffolk County detectives had been forced out of his NYPD job in the s 'when his supervisors learned he spent time pursuing hookers and paying street walkers and down-and-out women for sex while he was supposed to be on patrol'.

The man reportedly resigned 'under pressure' during internal investigations. Bright, married and has access to burlap sacks: That man was allegedly stripped of his gun and badge years ago for allegedly assaulting a prostitute and getting arrested during a sting operation.

He is said to be barred from making arrests or responding to emergencies. An unnamed source told the paper: It is currently unclear if the two officers know each other, or if the police have any specific evidence against them to connect them to the Craigslist killings. Investigators said the two officers are not the sole focus of the ongoing murder investigation. In recent weeks, criminologists had begun to piece together a profile of the serial killer or killers, said to be a white male in his mid 20's to mid 40's, financially secure, well spoken and drives a nice car or truck.

Able to charm his Craigslist victims into a false sense of security, he will also have access to burlap sacks as part of his job and will have been treated for poison ivy infections received as he disposed of the bodies in thick undergrowth. The New York Times came up with the chilling portrait after talking to retired and current criminal profilers familiar with the 'Craigslist ripper' case.

He is most likely a white male in his mids to mids He is married or has a girlfriend. He is well educated and well spoken.

He is financially secure, has a job and owns an expensive car or truck. He may have sought treatment at a hospital for poison ivy infection. As part of his job or interests, he has access to, or a stockpile of, burlap sacks. He has demonstrated social skills. He may even be charming. He has some familiarity with it. K-9 unit police use a cadaver dog in a residential area of Oak Beach, Thursday, Dec. Detectives have also investigated the possibility that the same serial killer may also be responsible for the deaths of four prostitutes in Atlantic city in Their most recent discovery earlier this month was two sets of human remains, including a skull.

Nassau Detective Vincent Garcia said police hacked through brush with machetes and chainsaws and used shovels to dig through sand to look for clues. Police continue to search the Long Island area for more bodies in the 'Craigslist Ripper' hunt Nassau officer James Imperiale said police found two human teeth about a foot from the skull.

It appears the teeth are related to the skull but authorities will run tests to confirm that, he said. Imperiale said police also found a shoe but were unsure if it was relevant to their search. Sources indicated to the paper that the killer may have a heavily ritualistic element to the way he carries out the murders.

As the first four prostitutes discovered all disappeared in July or September, Mr Clemente said: There are many possibilities. Officers examine an object on the side of the road near Jones Beach in Wantagh, N.

As burlap is no longer a commonly used material, it is more easily traced than plastic. He is the one who laughs when a cat gets run over or a kid falls off his bike. He likes the suffering of others, and he really likes it when he can cause it or witness it. I'm disappointed with the Jersey Journal. This story has been ongoing for a year - they've probably done a dozen or more stories on it - and they still have to refer to the missing woman as "Jersey City prostitute Shannon Brown.

If she were a dental hygenist, would they mention that three times in every article? I realize the case seems to be tied to prostitution, but really? They have to go into all that just to report a vigil was held? Her family is probably devastated to begin with I can only guess and they have to have that shoved in their faces every week or two? I'm sure there were many other facets to Shannon Brown's life that define her as well as, or better than, her poor career choice.

Family and friends of missing Jersey City prostitute Shannan Gilbert hold one-year anniversary vigil at Long Island enclave where she was last seen Tuesday, May 03, NEW YORK - Family and friends of a missing New Jersey prostitute have held a vigil on New York's Long Island marking the one-year anniversary of her disappearance, the investigation of which has led authorities to the discovery of several dead bodies and speculation about a serial killer.

Newsday reported about a dozen people Sunday held hands, prayed and walked into the gated community in Oak Beach, where police say Shannan Gilbert of Jersey City disappeared the night she met a client. The search for Gilbert uncovered 10 sets of human remains along a parkway near Oak Beach since December.

Four have been identified as those of other missing prostitutes. Authorities investigating the case of a possible serial killer say they plan to broaden their search beyond the barrier island. State police began searching the southern Wantagh State Parkway yesterday. A cadaver dog found the remains a mile and a half away.

Both are believed to be human, and possibly the ninth and tenth victims of a serial killer suspected of murdering prostitutes. If the cops' single-killer theory is correct, it would be one of the biggest cases in New York since "Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz was convicted of six murders in and Joel Rifkin, who confessed to seventeen slayings after being arrested in All of the remains have been found on the north side of Ocean Parkway, obscured from view in the shoulder-high brush.

The eight bodies previously discovered were in different stages of decomposition, including one that could have been there for up to two years.

Future searches are an ongoing possibility as police have yet to find Shannan Gilbert, a year-old prostitute who disappeared last May and prompted the hunt in the first place. Although speculation has abounded as to whether police have a suspect in the case, ABC News reports a source has revealed that authorities are looking at several persons of interest -- some of them with links to law enforcement and who have knowledge of beaches in the area.

Due to the killer's apparent knowledge of police procedure and techniques, some reports have compared him to the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan from the Showtime series 'Dexter,' who works as a blood splatter analyst with a major police department. Four of the identified victims were prostitutes who advertised services on Craigslist, as did missing New Jersey woman Shannon Gilbert, who was not among the remains that have been found to date.

She vanished in May after leaving a client's home and reportedly running into the night toward an unknown direction. Just can't stay away. Some serial killers are obsessed with "purity". They think prostitutes are "impure", so they kill them to "purify" the twisted world they inhabit. I hope the cops have a beat on this guy and he will be caught soon, now that the bodies have been found and his mocking cell phone calls to the families of the victims have been examined. Why are the serial killers obsessed with prostitutes?

Why can't they go after sexual predators instead? Cops were "looking at somebody," said a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation. He refused to elaborate. It comes as police were exploring a possible link between the killer -- suspected of dumping the bodies of eight victims along a remote Suffolk County beachfront -- and the grisly murders of four prostitutes in Atlantic City, N.

The Post reported Thursday that one of the New Jersey victims spent five weeks on Long Island with her husband shortly before she vanished on a bus to Atlantic City. Hugh Auslander said he and his wife, Kim Raffo -- a crack addict and prostitute -- moved from Florida to a motel in Jericho, N.

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If I see guns on TV where people are getting killed, I change the channel. Meanwhile, his victim has been in the ground for more than three years. She died about seven months after Gilbert shot her in the neck and paralyzed her. Where the YPs At. By Stephanie Allmon Merry. Where to Shop Now. Tiny House, Big Living. Don't Flip This House. North Dallas child shoots himself with grandfather's gun.

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Story highlights The bill that passed Congress may actually harm sex workers, critics say Internet forums provide protections for sex workers, who find work off streets. Seeing her own reflection "was so traumatizing" for Stark, a transgender woman who hadn't yet undergone the surgical treatments she knew she needed.

Some days, she couldn't leave the house. She tried taking her own life. An Army veteran living with disability, she could not get this surgical care from her usual provider, the Department of Veterans Affairs, which does not pay for or perform gender transition-related surgeries. Stark calls Wisconsin home but mostly lives out of a suitcase, maintaining a busy schedule as an escort, adult film performer, photographer and phone sex operator. But now, her career is coming to an abrupt end after a bill passed by Congress in March.

Senate approves anti-sex-trafficking bill. I just call it the end of my career, essentially," she said. The bill, called the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act , prompted the online bulletin board Craigslist to shut down its personal ads two days after its passage. The bill was directed against sex trafficking, not the volitional career in sex work to which Stark credits her own survival.

Craigslist is an online classifieds site, divided by city or geographic area, through which users advertise a range of goods, services, jobs and housing. Now awaiting the president's signature, the bill paves the way for sex trafficking survivors to hold websites accountable for "knowingly" facilitating their abuse.

The legislation chips away at part of a act that gave a broad layer of immunity to online companies, such as Facebook or Twitter, from being held liable for what their users post. The company did not immediately respond to a request for further comment. Though the bill aims to crack down on sex trafficking and protect survivors, critics say it threatens the lives and livelihoods of sex workers who choose to work in the profession by encouraging websites like Craigslist to censor their content -- pushing some sex workers back out to the street and removing their tools for finding and screening clients.

Some sex workers are already losing their housing as a direct result of forums like Craigslist personals going dark, according to Christa B.

Daring, board president of the Sex Workers Outreach Project. Many pay rent week-to-week and struggle to feed themselves and their children, they said. Craigslist was the first site Stark used to transition away from the street, where she relied on her military training to make "snap judgments" to stay out of harm's way, dodge potentially dangerous clients and avoid getting arrested -- again.

Even with the advantage of her military training, however, "most often, physical appearance and demeanor really don't tell you a whole lot," she said.


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