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I was wondering how long it would take for someone to roll out the 'correlation is not causation' chestnut. I assumed it would be in the comments, not someone from Columbia University who presumably only briefly looked over the article.

From the description of the methodology this seems pretty solid and serious, and certainly wouldn't contradict any further evidence available from the uptake of apps like Tinder etc. So this could be a serious baseline to consider in terms of targeting information and advice to sectors of the public, with a rare glimpse of a 'before' and 'after' population.

Sat Feb 07, Correlation does not equal causation is actually pretty relevant here. I wouldn't be shocked if the spread of something like Grinder mirrored the spread of Craigslist. All these technologies popped up more or less at the same time, and the things driving them to grow to certain areas are likely the same.

It doesn't take much to throw your statistics if NYC, San Francisco, and Boston all adopt Craigslist at the same time that they adopt something like Grinder. Hell, even OkCupid could in part be driving this. Sat Feb 07, 1: I don't agree with all of the judgements and shaming from the preceding comments.

It clearly does not work. For years, women were forced to either have clandestine abortions or to adopt out their child for fear of persecution for having premarital see, yet people continued to have unprotected premarital sex. If people who choose to have an active sex life were to not only use protection but to also get regularly screened for HIV and STIs, those conditions would be consigned to history.

Sat Feb 07, 3: Ralf The Dog wrote:. Sat Feb 07, 7: Sat Feb 07, 8: Ars hasn't reported on it since http: Educate people about the risk and prevention. I actually have a friend that works with a guy that got HIV infected due to his constant hookups on CL. It is a growing problem. Sat Feb 07, 9: I don't know that it's especially surprising that increased ease of access to anonymous casual sex could be responsible for an increase in the frequency of consequences that result from sexual intercourse with strangers.

Sun Feb 08, 4: Sun Feb 08, 7: Moral decline in our nation. Where sex outside loved ones and commonly out of wedlock is accepted, otherwise shamed. Yup, one of my sister's friends got HIV through Craigslist back in like ' Mon Feb 09, 1: If you talk to many people "out in the world" it's pretty clear that most people don't understand how HIV works, how it's actually transmitted, when a person becomes infectious, how it's tested for and how treatments for it function.

The net result tends to be that most people believe that - if they become positive - they can take treatments for it indefinitely, and they'll be okay. What the vast majority of people don't seem to understand is that: In some countries they're subsidised of course, but I pity those where it isn't.

Eventually, HIV becomes resistant to the treatments that a person takes and they must either switch or their disease progresses. They are most infectious during ths period as they don't know they're infectious, they are asymptomatic and the immune system has not yet responded to initial infection so viral load is extremely high. Given the lack of general knowledge in the population and the myth of long term drug-based protection it's unsurprising that people are becoming more complacent about HIV transmission,.

Mon Feb 09, 8: Entirely avoidable, and potentially deadly to the subject and random people they come into contact with later. Did manufacturers start lining condoms with habanero oil or something? What the fuck is the aversion some people have to not dying from sex?

Dec 19, Posts: The fact that there are still ignorant people such as the OP who still do not understand this is still a big problem. Feb 1, Posts: Yes, long time experience says to ignore the first report on any topic. If it's real, many more independent groups will confirm it. If it's fake, many more independent groups will refute it. Just like all the times before.

Sep 27, Posts: Here was me thinking that the cause of STD's were people not using protection. Honestly, we're in and people still aren't using condoms? I'm all for having a casual hook up but Jesus H Christ you'd think people would think about their health and protect themselves. Mar 16, Posts: Why do you think we have so many single moms now? Apparently, "it doesn't feel as good" is a good enough excuse not to use a condom.

I have two in-laws who each have children from 3 different partners, and another who has children from two different partners-- and it's not due to death or divorce. Naturally, they are both relying on the state and other family members for their livelihood, since it's hard to get by when you have lots of unplanned shorties about. These folks who are getting HIV also don't seem to feel having a lifelong illness that will likely kill you is enough of a reason to "not feel as good" either.

I'm pretty sure that's not allowed in today's hyper-PC environment-- no matter what value it might have. And the two SJWs who voted you down at this point seem to agree.

Nov 9, Posts: And a down vote for you as well, sir. STD tests are not a perfect indicator, but that doesn't mean they're worthless and anyone who pays attention to one is ignorant. The simple fact is some people want to engage in casual sex, some of that group are willing to at least make a real effort to be safe about it, and STD tests, while imperfect, have some value for those people. A service like name99 described would have a use among that subgroup.

Personally I suspect that such a service would never get off the ground for a variety of practical reasons, but that doesn't make the idea itself or the expression of it a problem. All sex involves some degree of risk.

Even in a presumably monogamous relationship where both individuals were presumably virgins before the relationship began, it's always possible that your partner has lied or cheated. It seems to me that any idea that encourages people to be responsible and decrease their level of risk, especially among those who choose to engage in practices such as craigslist hookups that are toward the riskier end of the spectrum, should be encouraged rather than insulted and down voted.

Lostfanboi Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Nov 14, Posts: Aug 2, Posts: Nov 7, Posts: Sure, it must be because of "SJW"s, not because of your ridiculous assertion that studies involving gender and sexual orientation are not allowed. Dec 11, Posts: So you've got the Chastity Master ! Hell of a device. Feb 18, Posts: Sep 5, Posts: You might be onto something.

Nov 22, Posts: Apr 1, Posts: Eurynom0s Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Dec 28, Posts: MPerz Ars Praetorian Registered: May 30, Posts: They're reporting on a study, not conducting the study themselves. It may be weak and ripe for peer scrutiny, but as far as I know it's the first of its kind and thus merits interest.

Feb 8, Posts: Thousands of Australian sex workers have felt the pinch because they used those websites to advertise their services, screen clients and communicate with others in the industry. Eight missing workers in 26 hours.

Sex workers are losing income and some have lost their lives already. Raven said before the sites shut down, she was seeing 10 clients every day on average.

Last week, she said she saw approximately four clients a day. My phone has been really quiet this week. Time for a call to action? Sex workers lives are at stake, this needs to be international news. Do whatever it takes. International SWs head to your US embassy. Jessi was talking to me from her hospital bed where she was preparing for her second round of back surgery.

She had just returned to work after her first spinal surgery when her main source of income, Backpage, went down for good. She said it accounted for 95 per cent of her client base.

Even with sex work, there is no comparison. Gay and transsexual sex workers have also lost websites critical to their business, including gay dating hook-up sites where they are able to chat with their peers and exchange information on health and safety. I have never worked overseas so I have no idea what other platforms there are there. Sex workers are resilient.

Things have fallen apart really quickly.



Craigslist all personals brothels review Sydney