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casual craigslist western  escorts

.. This is such a bummer. I cannot begin to discuss how horrible this decision was by Congress. It's exactly like Craigslist casual encounters. It's never too late to change. At first I was like, "nah, I don't think I do," reread the comment again and again, and now I'm all "hell yeah I do!!! I'll promise him, personally, the best knobjob of his life and send him a picture of Trump in drag! I feel like they'll come back around again, just have to come up with some legal jargon to add to the site or verification or . Casual craigslist western  escorts I met so many people through Craigslist and so many great experiences. Wondering if this bill is gonna force tinder, okc, grindr, etc to all close too? I have a great deal of Love for the CL personals. It will be interesting to see what other platforms will fill the vacuum. Is the app better? I'm gonna miss it. The intent of the bill.


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